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I have endometriosis what's the best treatment option with the least/ no side effects?



I had a lap and grade 2 endo was found in four places. I'm still waiting on my follow up appointment to discuss how to manage it.

I've just been offered a great new job. I don't want them to know there's anything wrong I just want to be able to start my new job and be able to impress them - my career means everything to me.

I've been reading posts on here of ladies talking about terrible side effects of short term memory loss etc from taking medication.

I'm so worried that if they give me some medication to try and then i get terrible side effects I will struggle to take on my new role and look incompetent or something.

My current employers are very supportive and know all about it, but starting a new job I need to impress!

Has anyone got any advice on treatments with the least side effects and impact on your life?

Thanks for reading :)

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Depends what you are wanting to achieve.

if you want to avoid having painful periods and not worry about taking tablets every day then mirena coil is the best long term option for stopping periods and has the lowest hormone dose. Takes about 4-6 months to get working then lasts up to 5 years.

If your periods are not a problem then you don't need to take anything if you don't want to, and you might be lucky and existing endo was entirely removed and you may not get a new endo problem for some time. But there is no cure and even stopping periods (which will help reduce one way endo can return) it doesn't guarantee it wont spread via some other means in the body at some point.

Hi impatient thank you for your advice. They haven't actually removed the endo when I had the lap it was just diagnostic. I have been taking the pill since forever and I'm tricycling now but when I have a period the pain is unbearable. The coil sounds appealing though as pill makes no difference. So would you say stay clear of all those drugs they may offer me?

The only ones to definitely avoid are GnRH. They will not help your brain or your career one bit and can leave you long term side effects.

But all the Bc pills usual side effects are reversable - so it's a matter of trial and error to find what suits you best.

I found the mirena really liberating because no periods, no period pains, no PMT or mood fluctuations, saved a fortune in pain killers and tampons and towels and mess and just gave me back so much time to myself again. It is certainly worth a try because it is so fuss free. You just forget about it and you don't have to worry about being on, or how long or how painful etc.

It doesn't suit everyone, and some do get some side effects, so it is possible that it may need to be removed if you do find it too niggly with side effects.

It really is a tiny number of women who decide to have it removed for side effects. they have sold over 10 million mirenas around the world and only a few people have problems.

Thanks impatient this is really helpful advice. I have read some of your other posts before and found them really helpful and informative. Much appreciated. X

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