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Has anyone else had a pelvic infection after a laparoscopy?

I had a laparoscopy on the 2nd of April which confimed that I had endometriosis. And for the last 3 weeks ive been on 5 different anti biotics for infections. now my GP has given three anti biotics to take together as if they were treating pelvic inflammatory disease for my infection. I'm feeling very fed up at the moment as I was hoping for a little release from pain after they lasered most of the endo off. has anyone else gone through this? ive got these antibiotics for 2 weeks and ive been taking them for three days with no change at all in how I feel. im waking up in the middle of the night in sweats and generally not sleeping which I no isnt helping my situation but I just cant sleep through the pain and discomfort. currently feeling very down and just wondered if anyone could offer any advice or similar experience? thanks x

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Hi there,

Yes I also suffered from an infection after my lap, had the lap 7/4 consultant removed endo from bowels, ovary and abdominal cavity. I was re admitted to hospital on the 14/4 for 5 days, had antibiotics by iv and was only let home when they were happy the infection was under control, I was given another course of anti biotics to take at home which I just finished, I am feeling much better although still in pain but hopeful that I'm on my way to a full recovery now, I also had internal bleeding after the lap not sure if that's connected xxx


Hi, I had my lap on the 9th of this month where they diagnosed and treated endo. I started bleeding a few days later and it hasn't stopped yet. I went to see my GP as I was a llittle concerned (I'm on the mini pill which had stopped my periods) she said I had a high temperature and was concerned about my bleeding. I've been given two lots of antibiotics to start because of an infection and she said if I'm still bleeding in a few days to go back into hospital. I'm just a bit worried that the worked on the outside of my womb/ovaries etc but I'm bleeding from the inside. I hope you start to feel better soon x


i did get an infection in through the belly button hole of my 1st lap- my own fault i was messing with it and the glue plug popped out leaving a gaping hole. The infection that arose from that mishap took 2 months of antibiotic assault to clear up. It very much depends on the bacteria and how resistant they are to the antibiotics being used and taking several at the same time is one of the ways the medics aim to zap persistant types of bacteria.

If you use the search box on the green bar, and look for the terms biofilm and ecoli the two terms we have been discussing recently in regards to how the pesky parent bacteria can survive antibiotics which only kill off their children - you can see how this resistance to meds is becoming a really big issue these days with infections of the sort picked up in hospitals as well as at home.

Some ladies are admitted to hosp and given intravenous antibiotics. give them the full length of treatment and don't stop taking them even if you do have a reaction - some antibiotics can make you feel worse before you get better - because they do kill off the good bacteria in you as well as the bad ones - but because of the hidden ones protected by biofilm it can take much longer to be effective than it used to be in years past.

My infection was self inflicted - and i can only blame my own stupidity - and it was a hard lesson to learn. Since then in my subsequent surgeries i have been so much more careful about infection control.

Unfortunately picking up bugs in hospital does happen - despite all the measures to keep the place and people sterile. It's bad luck and one that you end up paying for with a miserable struggle to get that dealt with while at the same time you are trying to heal from the surgery in many places. Hang in there and complete the 2 weeks, and do revisit the GP or hosp if you are still really not improving by then. Mine didn't respond to several different antibiotics at 1st then i was double dosing different ones and eventually got the job done. And that was years ago too - and these days more and more bugs are becoming resistant. i do hope you find the magic bullet antibiotics to work for you quicker than i did.

very best of luck, and try to look after the rest of your body in the mean time, eat healthy, keep as active as you can manage to , and drink water more than you normally do. When this is done - eating pro-biotic yoghurty foods will restore the missing good bacteria to your gut and speed up feeling better.


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