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Is there any way of getting rid of this horrible pain around my Uterus area and the feeling of water infection? In lots of pain :-(

Im 18 years old and have had Endometriosis for 5 years now, and the hospital don't seem to be doing a lot other than take my implant in and out, change my pill every other week and give me 6 types of painkillers. Am at University and my Endometriosis is at its worst, for some reason although i take my pill everyday back to back with no break, i've been bleeding for months and the pain is unbelievable :-( Can't even get out of bed.

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I just had to reply as this is so similar to me. I am 17 and on a back to back pill, I have been bleeding constantly for 2 months now and no tablets seem to be helping it. Must be so horrible to be at university and have this problem, I have been told that I have no one of finishing my course to get into uni. I am sorry to say I have.not found anything to help the pain, just using constant hot water bottles and I take amitriptyline which I take just before I sleep just so I can have a little sleep as pain keeps me up all night.

Sorry to hear your in pain, am here if you have any questions as we seem to be the same age


I stopped taking my pill as i was bleeding even when i was taking it, it really is taking its toll on my uni course and social life. I find the pain is at its worst in morning and night, feels like a major period pain! Thank you for your answer, It's lovely to have people around the same age with the same illness and symptoms, had never even known other people had this illness!

Hope things get better for you too, thats a shame, try and get your course done and go to Uni if that's what you want to do, i know its hard and believe me i know as well as you, but we can't let this affect our day to day life and your career x


You will probably keep having these pains/bleeding until you stop taking the pill. If you are bleeding while taking the pill, it's not working. The whole idea of taking it back to back is to stop you from bleeding. By continually allowing it to bleed you're probably making the endo worse, so it's totally counter productive and you're not getting the result you need. You should maybe speak to your GP and look at alternative contraception. When this happened to me I got told to stop the pill right away xx


Hello :) as per your water infections google interstitial cystitis. I have this and endometriosis. I hope you find some relief soon xx


Hi, I totally understand where you're coming from, I'm 20 and awaiting referral for a laparoscopy, but I've been dealing with symptoms since my 1st period at 14. It can feel so utterly overwhelming at times, and incredibly unfair. I ended up missing a lot of school throughout my GCSEs and A Levels, and developing depression for a considerable amount of time. I can't really claim it gets better, I wish I could and my heart goes out to you, but I can tell you that you are strong and will adapt, it will become easier for you to accept and deal with this horrible condition. I really do wish you all the best, have you spoken to any of your lecturers about your condition? They may be able to direct you to campus support or, once they know, give appropriate extensions to assignment deadlines when you're struggling. I know my 6th form did for me - without their understanding I would have barely scraped through the 2 years. Find whatever support you can and make use of it, it will definitely make a difference, no matter how small it may seem. xx


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