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Has Laparoscopy improved the symptoms of Endometriosis? What is your experience of surgery?

Hi there,

I was diagnosed with Endo back in 2006 when I had a laparoscopy and felt so much better after the first operation. I’ve been having a lot of pain again recently and I’m on the waiting list to have surgery again (although the doctor said I could change my mind if I don’t want to do it). The first time I had the laparoscopy I didn't know what it entailed, I went into it quite blindly and also a bit in denial of the possibility I might have Endo. This time round I’m really scared. I’ve been watching YouTube videos of surgeries, which on one hand has reassured me to know exactly what is being done to my body. On the other hand it has scared me even more to know what’s being done, and how easy it is for it to go wrong. I’ve been reading stories of people with damaged nerves from surgery or how surgery has made it worse. I wanted to find out how everyone else’s experience has been with the laparoscopy? Has it improved your symptoms? Do you feel better/worse? How was the surgery itself? I feel quite lost and confused on this, if I knew for sure it would make me feel better I wouldn’t hesitate to have it done. There’s no one I can speak to about this and I felt the doctor was polite but I was in and out of there in 5mins, I just signed the surgery form and didn't have time to register properly.

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Sounds daft but try not to worry about it. You are having the op for a reason with the hope of a good outcome. Yes things can go wrong but focussing on things out of your control will make you even more stressed.

My brilliant surgeon died a week before my second op and I had no idea who would be doing my operation. I phoned the hospital to see if I could find out and it caused me so much stress. I would stop looking at images and videos and focus on looking after yourself. I think the stress of work, surgeon worries and financial concerns put me in a very poor health before my operation.

There is no guarantee that it will sort out all of your symptoms, weigh up the pros and cons. You could write them down or talk it through with someone who will just listen. Sometimes you know already but need to hear yourself say it.

My first op went well. Endo found and removed. Recovered fully within a month, such an improvement compared to pre op, but still had pain at times. My symptoms were not managed and no advice given, I hadn't found this site either.

My second op found no endo and I was discharged with IBS! I changed hospital and was treated with some dignity again. Recovery was longer this time and more discomfort afterwards. Been on pill back to back since, I am going back again soon for more advice.

I was so pleased that I had my second op, otherwise I would still be with my first hospital that I now realise was useless. It is strange how things can work out.

I wish you all the best whatever you choose to do.


Hi Lunadinez, I've recently had my first lap (2 weeks ago) and should be booked into another one in 4 months time. My surgery went fine although trying to move after you have been pumped with gas was probably the worse pain of the whole surgery. It's too early to tell at the moment about how much the surgery has helped my pain although I can start to feel it 'bring unhappy' again which I expected anyways. The surgery in its self was fine, being discharged from the hospital was the worse part (I was kicked out of my bed cause they needed it) and I felt back to normal in 5 days! Ive been signed off for two weeks and I feel like im ready to return to work. Stitches were very unpleasant at first (the idea of stitches freaks me out) but they're healing good now!

I would say dont rush into it, it is surgery at the end of the day but it's probably best if you do get it done! Wish you all the best & feel free to ask me any questions :)xx


Hi lunadinez - try not to worry too much. A laparoscopy is a very straight forward operation. Try not to bombard yourself with too much youtube etc - sometimes this can make you feel worse about things. I had my first lap 6 weeks ago. I would say that about 95% of my pain is gone. I had a large implant on my bladder that was making me miserable and now it's been removed things are much better. I'm hoping things continue to improve.

As for the op itself, it was very straight forward. I was very nervous as have never had an op before and all sorts of negative thoughts were running through my head. But it was honestly fine. I had 3 weeks off work in total (maybe should have been 4) as you can't do much after it, but it was totally fine.

Good luck x


Hi Ladies, thanks for the advise, sometimes I just need to be reminded by others who have had the operation and are doing ok, to feel better about it. It's easy to keep thinking and dreading especially when it's still a few months down the line. My pain is not so bad in comparison to a lot of people, but my mood and energy levels are quite low, I just have to decide if the surgery will improve this or if I should postpone the surgery some more. THANKS XX


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