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Pre op surprise! You've got a Heart Murmur!!

Went for my pre op on Friday. I had a lovely nurse who explained everything to me. I was told my op would last about an hour, and they would treat any found endo by laser and excision and that the surgeon would definitely see me before I am discharged to explain what he found (or did not find if the case maybe) I was however shocked to find out I have an undiagnosed heart murmur! When the nurse gave me the form to fill in it had the pre existing conditions section in which was listed "heart murmur" I said oh you've given me the wrong one here and she said no that definitely you! When we went in for our pre op assessment she showed me a copy of my pre existing conditions as sent across by my GP surgery and there it was bright as day. June 2003 undiagnosed heart murmur!! This meant I had to go for an ECG as well. The (lovely) nurse said she would call me with the results on Monday after a doc had seen it. I mean I am fine and I've been fine for the past 11years so I'm sure if anything was serious I would know! I am really pissed at my GP for not telling me about this and not following up on it! It's not the bombshell that you want to get a few weeks before surgery! If they'd have done me an ECG 11 years ago then this wouldn't have been a problem now, I think just the shock is a lot to take in! Anyway I'm not worried about it too much and neither was my nice nurse. Anyone else find anything interesting from their medical history that they knew nothing about? X

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Hi. Wow, I was born with a heart murmur so I've known about it all my life, I didn't know you could get diagnosed so late in life with one?? I hadn't had it checked in years and at the pre op I had to tick the box that asked about a heart murmur, so I got an ECG because I said I did have one, I'm glad they checked because I've been wondering for years if everything was ok, and yes it seems to be fine.

Just some advice, in recovery after your lap, make sure they're reading the right notes then, because they had somebody else's notes when the DR was asking me about meds I was suppose to be taking, which I obviously wasn't, because they weren't my notes!! I actually said to her father a few mins, are you sure you have the right notes? then she realised she didn't!! Glad she found mine so I was able to go home with the right meds and advice.Xx


I was born with mine too - never caused any problems since, during any of my ops etc.

My mum was the one who told me about it, and mine was picked up in utero and my heart monitored at the tail end of the pregnancy and for a couple of days in hosp after I arrived. But it's not been the cause of any subsequent probs...to be honest it's the least of my concerns.

Just something to mention on the questionaires for ops.


Hi ladies,

Thanks for your replies! I've done a bit of swatting up on the old heart murmur and am confident that it's not going to be the end of the world for me, and like you say Impatient, its the least of my worries too! I'm just more frustrated with my old GP for not informing me!

I'll make sure they are reading my actual notes as well! I did assume that they had the wrong notes at my pre-op, but alas not!



Hey, that happened to me too! Last week! I went in for my pre-op for lap and came out with a 'pause' in my heart beat! Had an ECG and it showed a stop in beat and then a massive incline as it kick starts again. I'm having another ECG and strip test (whatever that is!) and then follow up with my GP. Bizarre!


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