e-petition to endometriosis researc funding

Hi All,

I am petitioning for the funding for endometriosis research to increase. This could make diagnosis easier, treatments better and potentially A CURE! It is badly needed as so many people are affected. If you agree please sign the petition at: epetitions.direct.gov.uk/pe... and please let others know too!

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  • I am an american citizen, so I can't sign yours. :(

  • Hi tanny-lou,

    I've signed the petition & I'd like to thank-you for raising the awareness as its definitely something which needs to be heard.


  • Just signed.x

  • So have just signed it

  • Hi,

    I've happily signed your petition - I set up my own some time ago (asking for quicker, and better diagnosis and treatment of Endo). ANYTHING that raises awareness of this condition, and improves outcomes for women who experience the disease, can only be a bonus.

    I'd be happy to share on Facebook, if it's ok with you.

  • Just signed! x

  • Most definitely signed, would there be any objection to sharing on my facebook, twitter etc? x

  • Just signed!x

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