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Is there anyone from the York area that would be interested if I set up a support group?

Hello everyone, I am looking to start a support group in the York area as we currently don't have one. I was just wondering if there was any lovely ladies on here also from the York area that would benefit from this. I know that no matter how much you talk to family members or try and explain to your GP or consultants how you feel I personally just can't seem to find that connection that I do when i speak to other endo suffers. Looking at blogs and online forums ha been a life saver for me but I would really love to meet up and have a proper chat with other ladies who know what it is like.

So yea, if anyone at all is interested please let me know as I would be thrilled to set something up!

Thanks guys and hope to hear from some of you soon xx

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Hello! I'm new here, waiting for a GP referral to the hospital for suspected endo. I'm probably a loooooooooooong way off an official diagnosis, but I'm in York and would be interesting in chatting to others in the area with endo xx


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