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Thank you for your support

I wanted to say a big thank you for all of the experience, serenity and strength that has been shared on this site.

I only joined a week ago and already feel so much more positive and knowledgeable about this life altering disease.

I used to feel so lonely and now feel confident that if i have a question/problem/need support i can post something and always find what i need.

Thanks again. Love and light :-)

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And thanks to you too! I find your posts helpful and interesting. I think we have a similar outlook.

Hope you are recovering well from your lap. x


Thanks Brownlow. I totally agree that we share a similar outlook. I went back to work today, 6 days after lap and feeling really good thank you. This is the first time without pain for a year so enjoying the experience of being endo pain free. I am still a little sore around lap entry but compared to endo pain it's a walk in the park.

How are you doing? X


Glad to hear you're back at work and doing well and I hope everything clears up soon.

I'm doing alright. Waiting for a hysteroscopy next week.


I am so glad to hear you are feeling so much


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