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Any positive experiences with progesterone only pill (especially cerazette / cerelle)


Doctor is adamant I persevere with cerelle but I really don't think it's for me and am not liking how I feel on it just wondered if anyone else has felt like this in the beginning been on it 4 months now. My doctor seems very adamant I stick it out and it will get better she won't budge and give me anything else at the mo? Just wonder why she so keen for me to stay on it? Any advice greatly appreciate many thanks x

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The reson you are only allowed progesterone only BC pills is that anything with oestrogen in it is bad for endo - it feeds endo - or rather the endo is needing oestrogen to keep active and spread.

Excess oestrogen comes from several sources - the pills you might take, the foods you eat, excess tummy fat (the main store house for excess oestrogen and it produces it too)

The ovaries as well.

The endo diet which cuts out oestrogen promoting foods is one option.

Loosing weight - especially tummy fat- is another

And avoiding drugs that contain oestrogen.

All meds have side effects - you hve to weigh up whether the side effects are worse than suffering the consequences of not taking the meds.

In the case of the Pill, they will regulate your periods, but if tken bck to back to reduce the number of periods you have in year - that reduces the chances for any endo to spred through backfow period bleeds escaping along the fallopian tubes.

If your body doesn't like the dose of Progestin in the BC Pill - the mirena coil hs only about 20% of the same hormone so much lower dose and will stop your periods for up to 5 years without you having to remember to take tablets every day.

So I would recommend that as the very best solution. It doesn't suit every one any more than any one BC Pill suits everyone, but the much lower dose than the BC Pill is a lot better for many ladies to cope with.

There are other progestin only BC Pills - nothing to stop you visiting the family planning clinic and getting something else to try. You don't need to inform your GP when you are switching, but you wold need them onboard to gree to repeat prescriptions.

The main thing to remember is avoid the combined pill or any pill that contains Oestrogen.

We are like addicts - if you have endo, your body is quite happy to be over producing oestrogen to feed the need for it. So reducing the oestrogen production and storage will make an impact and may make you feel a bit worse than you would feel if your body was getting the fix it wants.

Much the same as being dependent on cigs or alcohol - of course you feel better after a hit, but not for long, and it isn't good for you in other ways.

It really is about how much you can cope and put up with in the change of balance of hormones until your body gets used to the new regime.

Even if a pill has worked for a long time - there may come time when it doesn't suit you so well as your body ages, and you need to look to other slightly different compounds - slight alterations in the menu of ingredients of the pill to find one that better suits you as you get older.

I would probably recommend you negotiate a compromise with your Doc - give yourself say 6 or 8 months on the Cerazette to see if your body does adjust to it, then if it hasn't you can switch to a different Prog only pill, or better still the mirena which is on a much lower dose.

You do need your GP on your side when fighting endo - and seeking to switch to another BC Pill from elsewhere might not be taken too well when the time comes for a repeat prescription.

None of the treatments to keep endo under control or in check is perfect, they all have some down sides. It is about trying to find the one that suits you best - but also being willing to give them a decent chance to work.

The mirena for example doesn't even start to work to stop your periods for 4-6 months maybe even longer in some ladies, so any trial on BC Pill should really be for a similar time frame unless you have a profoundly bad reaction.

It's up to you whether you continue or stop or insist on trying something else. The grass may not always be greener on the other side and switching BC Pill my make you realise how much better the Cerazette was for you than an alternative.

It really is trial and error.


Was just googling cerazette and hormonal imbalance and came across this page. Thanks you for a great reply impatient you are clearly very knowledgeable and took the time to write just a detailed reply to the original poster it has helped me a lot. I will now be googling the endo diet! I am condsidering starting cerazette as I have been suffering with chronic pelvic pain which may be endo. I also have all he symptoms of estrogen dominance (I'm 36 and believe I have this hormonal imbalance) I'm hoping cerazette may help.


Hey 🙋🏽,

Everything impatient said is great, taught me a few things so thank you lots😊.

Main reason for messaging too was because I was on cerelle for a week. I was scarily mental. I literally went screaming at my boyfriend for no reason. That was the tipping point for me, I’m calm, takes a lot to make me angry. This was not me.

I could have carried on, which they said to me but I didn’t want to lose my relationship over a pill I can change or manage myself naturally.

Is this bad news, not so much, I went natural until 9 days a go, after my laparoscopy and surgical removal 😊.

I had the mirena coil put in, initially I told them no thanks. I am not being sent loopy again but they said give it a go, reason being....

(What inpatient said about being a lower dose😊), also....

With the mirena coil it only releases progesterone into the area it resides. The womb, and so the hormones do not travel around your body, which in turn should affect you less than a pill.

Everyone has different experiences, I’ve been on bloody loads of pills and had the copper coil etc, that’s why I went natural in the end 😂 but you will know if it’s no good or if you can manage it for a few more months.

I did give in and they put the mirena in, i don’t want endo symptoms anymore and the symptoms with the coil couldn’t be much worse!

So far so good. I have had bleeding everyday and been somewhat emotional, however when we have the lap and surgical removal both of that is expected.

My skin hasn’t flared up, I haven’t been too crazy 😂 and it’s going ok.

Keep us posted on what you do Hun. Listen to your body😘.xxx


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