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Having to be re-referred

Just thought I would put a little post up as I'm feeling rather disappointed. I was last seen at the endo clinic in September where they were having with my management of symptoms for now so took me off the books as such with a view of being re-referred should anything happen.

After weeks worth of debating with myself I have no given up and have asked to be re-referred. I'm disappointed as I thought I could last longer with the pain that this and longer than a year without a lap. It will be a year in June since my last one.

Feel like I have failed somehow and that I should be able to manage better than this.

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Hi Heatherec thats so sad to hear :-( & I can appreciate how disapointed you must feel but dont be disapointed in yourself. I havent had my lap yet but I have read about the importance of excision by a specialist so I wonder whether the endo was all located or was some left behind or maybe it was burnt away rather than cut? I went on the endo diet in September which has helped allow me to carry on working - it hasnt been the miracle that I was hoping for but its certainly worth looking into if you havent already. Google search endo-resolved. Xx


Aww Heatherec,

You have not failed, so please don't feel like you have, be proud of yourself hun. xx


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