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Just wondering if anyone's had an operation to block nerves in their pelvis??

Hi everyone, im 18 and was diagnosed with endo last June after my first lap. I'm due to go in for a second lap in a few months as hormone treatment so far hasn't had much effect and my pain is becoming much worse, during this op my surgeon has suggested blocking the nerves in my tendens in my hips and lower back as they cause me to be in a lot of pain, and also fitting the coil. The nerve block only has a 50% success rate so I was hoping for some feed back from anyone who has had it, thank you x

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Someone did have this last year - and i cant recall the name. Use the search box on the green bar and you might locate the discussion in the archives.

i think it was called a pudendal nerve block or something along those lines.


Ok I'll have a look in to that, thank you!


Hi acj_95

I just had a lidocaine infusion worked very well for similar symptoms lots of lower back pain, rectal pain. It is amazing to be virtually with out pain, obviously every person with the pain react differently to the treatment for a pain but at the hospital in London when I had a lidocaine infusion I met many women with endometriosis with a good effect, only what I suggest is that you have a specialist pain doctor done your procedure if you like you can send me e-mail for all details of hospital in london who had dedicated pain clinic for urogenital pain and they are fantastic!!!! and on NHS my e-mail andreasojkova@zoznam.sk


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