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Anyone have anything to help with hot flushes from hormone implant?

I was told by my doctor I may not be able to take any herbal remedies that can help because they may contain oestrogen which is what my hormone implant (zoladex) is cutting out. BUT my hot flushes are so regular, embarrassing and make me feel very sick, I don't know how much longer I can take it!

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Unfortunately I don't think there is anything for hot flushes. I was prescribed amitriptaline to help with the mood swings though which seems to have helped. I don't hate everyone and everything anymore :-) x


The drug switches off the pituitary gland which among other things - controls temperature regulation in the body. Even replacing missing hormones by taking HRT will not be enough to switch the pituitary gland back on. Only stopping the zoladex will do that, so it's your call.

Carry on with the next implant and much the same side effects and possibly others thrown in too as if it wasn't bad enough already - or quit and within couple of weeks the pituitary gland will wake up and start controlling your temperature again.

By the time i got through 4 months of hotflushes 5 or 6 times an hour night and day, they were not something i was too concerned with as the other side effects were even more debilitating than the flushes and chills were.

I was nevertheless rather delighted when they did ease of to one an hour then one every few hours then one every other day and then back to normal again. It did allow me to get a full nights sleep again - which after so long on so little sleep was just fabulous.

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I know there is no way to be sure, but I took sage tablets (i got mine from Holland & Barrett) and was convinced that helped control the flushes. Maybe do some research and see what you thinkgbut personally for the money I'd give them a go. Good luck. x


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