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Waiting times, help please!

Sorry, I've asked this question before but still don't know what's right :/ on my 5thonth of waiting for even a letter or a call to invite me for an appointment with a gynaecologist to assess if I should go on the waiting lost for a lap or not :/ I don't know if this is the right amount of time to wait or not and it's wearing me down so much not knowing. Symptoms from 15, family history of ot and go is sure it's endo but I just need a diagnosis! Feel like I'm constantly questioning myself about if I just have a low pain threshold or im going crazy

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Contact tour GP and chase up the appointment through them if you don't yet know which gynaecologist he was asking to see you. 5 months is long enough to be waiting to hear something even if it just an appointment time and date some time afterwards.

If you know it was at a specific hospital it wouldn't hurt to write to their gynae department chasing this up directly with them too.


Thanks hun, I have called the hospital a few times and they just say I'm on the waiting list :/ I am die back at the gp on Thursday so maybe I should see if they can

Push it for me?


Your not going crazy, I felt the same after seeing many doctors and nobody believing me for a long time. I waited 4 months on an urgent list to have a lap to remove a large cyst & endo. I did give the hosp a ring tho just to make sure I was still on the list as it feels like forever. Stay positive im sure you will hear any time soon now xx


Thankyou for your reply, I hadnt noticed it until now, been poorly with a chest infection which combined with asthema saw me with an ambulance interupting an attempt at a calm sunday! The coughing has really strained my tummy and so that wasnt good either!

Still nothing from the hospital and when i went back to the doctors as mentioned above i was told 5 months was a perfectly normal waiting time xx


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