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1st week of placement & A&E admission

Hey everyone, hope you are feeling as good as you can be. Last week was the first week of my placement and unfortunately it wasn't the best week for me. On the 2nd day, I woke up feeling terrible and threw up so I couldn't go in. I feel like I am sick so often these days, I'm so fed up with it! My supervisor is aware of my endometriosis and the university made sure she knew that I am fairly ill at the moment so she is supportive and expects that I will have days off, I just wish it hadn't of happened on my first week! Then on thursday night I ended up having to go back to A&E after a week of agony. I phoned 111 who called an ambulance for me. I was being sick pretty much the whole time I was in hospital, it seems like that is how my body reacts to this pain. I was discharged at 1am after they got my pain under control, but understandably was too ill to go into work the next day. I am quite worried that my supervisor thinks I am not well enough to do this placement... And the truth is I am not well enough really, but it is so important to me and I'm determined to succeed. I am upset that my endo is getting in the way. Today, I am seeing a gynecologist for the first time, so I'm really hoping they give me some answers and book me in for a laparoscopy. I will let you know how it goes. Sorry for my long post, I don't have access to the internet in my accommodation for placement so I am popping online every few days on my phone and trying to reply to people's posts when I can. Hope you are all doing okay, thank you for listening :)

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Hi really sorry to hear this. I'm a student nurse and have been having many days off placement the last 4 months due to the pain so I understand your worry. Unfortunately my university isn't being very supportive of my endometriosis and the pain it's causing me. Really hope you get the help you need xx


So sorry to hear that you are still suffering so much Tamsin.I am a lot older,but in my uni and teaching years,endo really ruined my health,so I absolutely empathise with your situation and your determination not to give up your OT studies and placements.I was in your situation( albeit 30 yrs ago) where my health was so poor due to endo( undiagnosed at this stage - said to be mystery pain and sent to phychologist) that I was advised to take a year out of uni,but refused.I was lucky though to be staying at home,so had the support of my parents .

However you are clearly really unwell and the sooner you get sorted the better.From your photo you must be pretty young and Im sure you may have hopes of children in future?Know you have posted lots,so cant remember your past history or endo treatments,but getting the best endo treatment has to be your priority.So,if it means missing a placement( and having to re do at later date) or even having to take a year out of uni,that may be an option you need to consider.Only you can take that decision.Sending you a big hug.


Thank you for your replies both. Bella sorry to hear that you are also struggling with training to be a nurse and dealing with pain whilst on placement.

Thanks so much for your understanding daffodil. It helps a lot to talk to others who understand. I am only 20 and the pain started last year and seemed to get worse and worse every month. I am very maternal and want to have children in the future so fertility is something I am also a bit worried about.

I will post tomorrow explaining about my appt with the gyne. Hope you are both feeling as well as possible X


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