Currently sat in A&E after bleeding from my bum all day 😔

Rang non emergency and they sent out an ambulance to do my vitals. Said they had to bring me to hospital as its bleeding from somewhere it shouldn't.

As said in previous post, hospital is in such dire state, been told I'll be waiting a few hours to see somebody and again no beds.


Ellis xxx

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Ellis, I couldn't read this and not respond. I'm so sorry you're feeling so terrible. I can see how this would make you feel down.

Any update? They got you a bed yet?

Sending big hugs xx

Thank you hun x

I am now finally home after waiting all night to see a doctor, to be told he can't check me as there is no female chaperone there! So I waited and waited for just that 😔

Got to go back to see female doctor today.

All I keep thinking is I should be in recovery from my op, but it got cancelled late on the day 😔


Oh poor you. I hope you got seen quickly and home now X

Hi, I hope you feel better soon. It sounds like a horrible situation, did you get to see someone yet? xx

I did see someone 4 hours later. To be told I have to book an appointment with my GP today! So pointless 😔 Xx

AE is a horrible place and I do everything to avoid it. How can they help you? Those junior doctors most likely do not know what endometriosis is, and they probably think you have some bowel desease.

Best is to go to you GP, who hopefully knows well about your situation, and they sometimes can get emergency appointments with a specialist. From other point of view, I never see the same GP in my surgery if I don't make a big scandal.

nhs england say that every patient should have a registered/assigned GP.at one practice I know they dont follow this as patients can see who they want even if registered with a particular GP and then a patient can t get to see their own GP.they say its for continuity of care which i agree with in part but then all gps have access to a patients records so would know their history if seeing another.

ha ha. The reality is very far away from that. If I want to see the same doctor, I have to wait 2 to 3 weeks. And most times it is not possible. That is also a reason why so many people end up in AE, because GP service works so badly. At least in North West where I live.

so true.ive been told my gp wasnt available for 2-3 weeks and on one occasion went to A&E at my expense-time travelling and sitting about 8 hours and given no reason for my problem which was something the NHS say is an emergency..its the same in the North East and i guess everywhere.it doesnt help to have part time GP's.Mine only does 2 days.

ive had that experience with junior doctors.dont mind being seen by them but slightlannoyed when they go off to ask a consultant as they dont know or need confirmation they are doing things right.the consultants secretaries can be contacted directly and i would try that if it were me.

Hi - With suspected endo bleeding from the bowel suggests endo irritating it, especially at period time. What other symptoms do you have whether or not you might connect them - back pain, leg/groin pain/IBS symptoms, pain with sex, are symptoms all the time or more at period time, any side affected more than the other?


I have this each month with the endo on my bowel having been confirmed

I have back pain. My legs go very weak and wobbly. Pain with sex yeah. I was due my lap and hysteroscopy on 14th Jan, got cancelled last minute due to no beds. So waiting for another date. Symptoms more on period but will have pain and a lot of bloating with no bleed.

Hiya Ellis

I don't even know you but I've been thinking about you today after I saw your message when I arrived at work this morning.

I felt so sorry for you. Your situation sounds horrible.

Hope you get somewhere with you gp. How you feeling now?

Oh bless you hun. Been a terrible day!

Feeling better, still really lathargic 😔 Just got to wait for another date for cancelled op now xx

Glad you're feeling a bit better. Fingers crossed for that date asap.

Hope you're resting on that couch x

Push for treatment, because I had to push for a reason why my body was like it was, then I had to push for a hysterectomy because I was lucky enough to have children and could not deal with endo anymore (I have a high pain threshold - I was told that when I had my babies and appendectomy) . They attempted to do a hysterectomy and it had gone too far. I had been ignored for too long. Only a 11cm chocolate cyst and one ovary removed. Discharged on Zolodex and the advice of pill or coil. 18 months later I had to have an emergency bowel resection as endo had twisted it and blocked it. Never take no for an answer. Get it sorted and don't wait and be fobbed off :( x

Oh my goodness that's terrible! I've been ringing the secretary every few days to push and push. I feel they are fobbing me off because of my age xxx

Hey! Did you see the GP? Are you pushing the hospital for a date do you mean?

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