My 1st week of Zoladex

I just thought I'd write a quick post about my 1st week on Zoladex, mainly so I can keep a record for myself too? I had my 1st injection a week ago and taking hrt along side this, to date I have had no side effects apart from I found the injection painful and my tummy was sore for a few days but everything has gone back to normal now, I like many others are waiting for signs of any side effects but keeping my fingers crossed I don't get too many, I do actually feel like I am making progress now I have started the course of injections, like there is light at the end of the tunnel, after suffering for many years and feeling I just had to put up with the pain and discomfort now I hope something will finally get done :-)

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Good luck. Hope it continues to go well for you. I have elected to not go down the hormone route but that is because i am quite old (44 lol) and my endo is not severe. I have just had it excised and the consultant is confident i shouldnt have any problems for about 5 years! Lets hope so anyway!!!!

Thanks Kirsty,

I am 41 and to be honest I don't even know what severity my endo is? I don't know why but my gp's have never given me any insight into my endo at all? I guess I should have asked but for 18 years I just thought oh well i have it! never realising until I joined here it is classed in stages?? so I have no idea if i'm stage 1 or stage 5??? but I am going to obtain my medical records to have a look through them and see if i can find anything out for myself!! Good luck on staying pain free for 5 years that just sounds wonderful!!! xx

week 2 my bust has been tender the last 2 days but this has been down to my period starting, so no side effects to talk of yet thank goodness? have had scan and internal camera scan and have been told all looks fine? so just waiting to see how the zoladex performs? this period is more painful than normal back and tummy ache worse and really bloated but think they said it would be so been preparing for it! lets see what week 3 brings??

Hi I have suffered from endo for about 17 years now. I just read what you have wrote about the zoladex injections and I hope you don't mind me informing you, having previously had them and I am about to have another six months worth. You should not find having the zoladex injection painful at all! each time they gave me a normal size needle with something in it to freeze the area because the needle itself is quite thick but has to be because the Zoladex stuff is thicker. Please ask your doctor/nurse to freeze the area first before you have the next one.

Hi demeetree, I did ask if they could numb the area 1st? they know I am a total baby at the surgery when it comes to having injections so she said it would probably cause me more distress to have 2 lots of injections rather than just having the Zoladex? which i guess is right but it did shock me just how big the injection is! and i really don't like it :-(

Hope your course of injections goes well demeetree x

i cant believe she said that to you, I guess i'm not the only one that sometimes gets a nurse or doctor that really just dont care! please next time ask for it to be froze, then you really wont feel it.

And thanks I hope they go as well as they did last time

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