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On the pill and still bleeding?

Hey guys,

I have been on femodette for the past 4 months to regulate my cycle and avoid pain. I am taking a break every 3 months. I had the 1st 3 months and then got the most excruciating period ever. I am talking foetus position on the bathroom floor, crying and actually screaming in pain, until I passed a decidual cast (sorry for the TMI). After that little nightmare of a period I started up the pill again, I am almost done with the fist month but I have not completely stopped bleeding. I have bright red spotting and sometimes even a little blood almost every day. Is this normal?? I can't get time off work again unless it's serious as I already took quite a few days off sick when I was in too much pain to get up. Any help would be appreciated, has anyone had this happen? with femodette or any other pill?

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I'd go to your GP... your allowed time off work to go to see your doctor. Some surgeries also do late night appointments... I was advised to only take 1 or 2 breaks in a year to avoid the endometrial cells returning


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