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Just bought Henrietta Norton book "take control of your endometriosis" it's fab! I've bought all the food online and started her kick start health diet. Feels good to be in control and know that everything you are putting into your body is right for endo!:) Henrietta knows what she is writing, she is an endo sufferer herself and a brilliant nutritionist. Hope someone takes me up on this mission! Let me know how you like it if you do. X

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  • Hi charlie great advice I think I may take you up on this. Controlling this illness is one of the hardest things would be good to take some of that controlled back and let's face it us women are the best at doing that. I'm going to Google it right now . Also I saw on one of you're posts you're taking hydroco something lol for pain is it a morphine based drug as my doctor says if my pain doesn't ease off soon I may need something stronger. I have endo and adeno 2 large cysts swollen tube and I'm waiting for my op to take my left ovary and tube and as much endo as they can get. Any advice would be great thanks x

  • I was on morphine based drugs last week and at Xmas - when it's acute acute pain but not good for body unless a last resort xxx

  • Hi charliechocolate

    I'm also away to google this book will keep u posted how I get on good luck x

  • Goodluck! I'm on day 1 today and I'm doing kick start for a month!!! Will keep u posted on progress x

  • Just googled it going to get it for my kindle when I get home tonight what kind of foods do u eat x

  • So so yummy and filling ones!!! X

  • I totally agree. I read caroline levutts book and started the endo diet 6 months ago because if thats the only way I can help control endo then thats what I will do. Its difficult but very empowering to feel that we are fighting it back not feeding it. X

  • Like it! Fighting it back and not feeding it!! My slogan is "fight for fitness!"

  • Hi charliechocolate

    How are u getting on with the diet I'm on day 3 today don't feel so sluggish but could murder a bag of crisps been looking for gluten free foods in my super market for day 5 onwards but hardly anything there my have to go into nearest city for stock up.


  • Great news! Well done YOU! I get most of my food online, as it is easier! Once you are stocked up with all the stock items, you can pop out and get the chicken or fish. I make up a jar of dressing and keep in fridge for salads and veg and stick to ingredients but mix it around to suit what I have left over - if that makes sense! I feel quite empowered that at least I am NOT feeding this horrendous disease! I feel more in charge, if nothing else. I do think it also balances my sugar levels. GOOD LUCK, keep going and let me know how you are getting on. PS I am not growing my own salad sprouts! I must have gone mad too!

  • I meant to write that I AM growing my own salad sprouts!

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