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What is this pain??

Sorry for how long this is going to be,,trying to shorten as much as poss,,after years of suffering finally have a gyno appointment to see if I have endomitriosis,,in the mean time,,this past month has been horrific,,had miscarriage oct lasting till nov,felt ovulation twice on right,after last period being so bad I felt ovulation from left side extremely painful Cudnt move leg,three days later stabbing pains in uterus,,few days later doc examined and again the pain was unreal in both sides after this,ten days after ovulation tightening of uterus then sharp pains at top of uterus,I am trying to get pregnant so keeping track of everything,I feel like due to days this cud be inplantation however doc thinks I'm being stupid,,so if I am being stupid is this pain normal?im petrified of period due next tue for how painful this month has been any advice welcome,,pain killers doing nothing for me x

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I can't answer your questions - it is not an area I am familiar with, other than to say that having a D&C after a miscarriage can sometimes sort out all sorts of problems.

But regarding pain killers not working for you - I wondered whether you had seen this recent article in the Daily Mail


It is something to bear in mind and perhaps ask your GP to check in your case. and if you are one of the people who does not respond to those pain meds then at least you know why and can be prescribed alternatives that can help you.


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