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LUNA procedure - anybody else had adhesions around ureters following the procedure?

About 8 years ago I very stupidly thought that the answer to all my prayers was to undergo the LUNA procedure to cut the nerves and was led to believe that although it was in the trial period it would stop my pain - obviously it did not.

I have just had another laparoscopy and it appears that I had adhesions around the ureter, I was really baffled as never had any issues with my bladder like infections or anything, so I had a look on the internet to see if the LUNA might affect anything and it appears that damage to the ureters is a side effect and it can cause adhesions. Just wondered if anybody else has had the same. I am kicking myself for being so stupid but I was desperate for relief, was about 23 and before the internet for research!

Thanks x

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I haven't had this procedure but recently had major surgery for extensive excision and removal of severe grade 4 endo, amongst many other things my surgeon found adhesions and endo on ureters and had to do quite a bit of dissection to remove it, however like you I had no symptoms or any indications that I had endo and adhesions there - so it's always possible that it's not from the luna procedure and would have happened anyway as your endo spread etc x


Thanks Hayls


Bunny buttons I'm Interested to know where you found the info on long-term effects of LUNA. I had the op 12 years ago with great results. I'm now been diagnosed with endo and waiting treatment lap. I'm wondering if I had endo all along and it was missed at the time. I would have it done again if thought I would get the same relief. Thanks


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