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Hey can anybody help

Hi all I had endo removed on 14th jan and sincemy first period I have had very bad pain in my belly and overies I was admitted to hospital becuase of it and on morphine the released me and I have an appointment with my lap surgeon but do u think it cohkd be bk and worse or do u think it could be adheisons the pain is stabbing pinching pains very sore x do u think they will scedual aothrr lap x all scans were clear for cysts x

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Hi I had extreme pain with and after first bleed, I think it may have been adhesions etc healing I remember my ovaries god I could of screamed this lasted after period to. I have not long since had second period since lap and again got this pain in ovaries but no where near as bad. I am thinking normal part of healing my consultant said expect some pain and discomfort 4-6 months. I really hope it improves for you very soon try to stay positive give it some time but go see GP if continues x


Hey thankyou for replying its strange becuse I healed reletivky well my first period was a breeze compared to some I have im currently on bc pill and northistorine everything was fine post lap then suddenly I got severre pain in my right side about a week later and was admitted to hospitak for 5 days they did no tests apart from checking my blood for appedicitus the only thing that would kill the pain was morphine I was sent home in agony with an outpaitaint appointment and tramodol I never had this amount of pain proier to lap so im hoping the surgoen can help I cant do anything without being in pain even waking up in the night :( im worried somthings gone wrong x


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