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Endo and UTI's - Is there a connection?

Hi, I was just wondering if anyone else has issues with constantly reoccurring UTI's and or if it is or has been connected to endo?

I'm awaiting official diagnosis via laparoscopy after over 10 years of pain and an awful lot of pushing for answers! I'm actually really surprised that a lot of Ladies on this site have been diagnosed so young! I was always told to get on with it, and was sometimes prescribed strong pain killers and that was it! But back to my question: over the past year I have had about 10 UTI's some of which have ended up as Kidney Infections. Does anyone else suffer from this? I've never had any sort of issues like this before (maybe very mild cystitis once or twice in my late teens - I'm now 27)

Anyway, I look forward to any answers or advice.

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Hi! I have suffered badly with bladder and kidney infections for the last 8 years and after dozens of ultrasound scans and consultations with urologists they could never find the cause. It was only last month I was diagnosed with severe endometriosis and had been told I have had it for a long time and it was so extensive due to the fact it had been left untreated! I was so angry that I had spent so much time in hospital looking for answers to these recurrent UTI's and not one doctor had suspected endometriosis. Although it hasn't been confirmed, I am guessing my endo may be something to do with these infections as I know endo can cause pain urinating etc so I'm guessing that yours is connected too. I am awaiting a nephrology appointment to check out my kidneys further and also having a second laparoscopy done in April/may so I will dig for more answers to see if there is a real connection and I'll post it on here!

You're definitely not alone, this has been driving me mad for years! X


I am currently awaiting a diagnosis for endo and I have also been suffering with recurring UTI's and also kidney infections which I am currently off with at the moment, I have had all the scans and tests done with the urologist and they have discharged me saying I am unfortunately one of the women who is prone to them. The pain nurse seems to think that it may be the endo which is causing the endometriosis. So this could well be the case


Dear both,

Thank you so much for your replies and sorry to hear you have the same symptoms! Since writing the post I've now got my laparoscopy date AND a kidney infection to go along with it! Im pleased I mm not alone but also feel for you both too! Constant Pelvic pain is bad enough but when you add a kidney infection into the mix it is shocking!


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