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Severe problems 18 months post hysterectomy

Hi people, its been a while since posting on here. I had a hysterectomy at the age of 29 in july 2012. everything had been fine for about a year with just slight pain during ovulation. however, over the last few months things seem to have spiralled again. I am in constant pain and having severe bloating every time I eat. I seem to have permanent diarreoh and feel so grumpy and tired all of the time. I had a transvaginal scan few weeks ago and it appears my left ovary has attached itself to my bowel. has anyone else ever had this happen and if so what happened. thought everything was ok however I am seriously struggling with this new pain xx

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Adhesions or scar tissue never stop growing - and each op will allow th surgeon to cut them right back but it is only a temporary fix as they will grow again and each surgery encourages more to grow.

What you can have done is a surgery to cut away the adhesions and a barrier put in place to try and stop the adhesions from growing to stick to neighbouring organs instead they grow and hit the buffer or barrier. This can delay the inevitable for quite some time.

Many ladies have multiple surgeries to tackle adhesions over the years and they can be just as big of a pain issue as endo and cause untold damage.

So many of us have had ovaries stuck to other organs and sometimes repeatedly.

It doesn't always cause pain to have an ovary stuck with adhesions at the wrong angle but that depends on what angle it gets stuck in. So surgery is the only solution to this problem if it causing you pain, and ask the surgeon to use some adhesion barriers to try and prevent a repeat episode happening too quickly again.

If you have two ovaries - it's fine to lose one if it is a repeat offender and just leave one working ovary inside. One is just as good as two in avoiding the need for HRT.

If you haven't been refered back to the gynaecologists yet then you need to ask your GP to give you a referal to get this ovary sorted out and give you relief from the pain and bloating.

Good Luck - hope you get the op asap and feel a lot better afterwards.


hi thank you. I will be seeing my gp soon. I had the scan and have now been left with no further answers. I had endometriosis and adyonosis. just want everything to stop hurting now :( thanks again x


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