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Has anyone with endometriosis & constant pain suddenly had it all stop ? Literally overnight ????

After months of constant pelvic, back, hip and leg pain and taking a huge amount of strong painkillers - I had my period in December and suddenly all the pelvic and back pain stopped (still get mild hip & leg pain) and not taking painkillers.

January period heavy with clots and painful but coped with it ?

Can endometriosis suddenly go ????

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I don't think it can disappear overnight but I do have a theory surrounding this. I have a Mirena fitted and during the 5 years I have had it, my period have been slight but normally lasting 2 weeks out of 4. Although I am grateful I no longer bleed heavily, constantly, I do think this up and down adds to the pain, feeling down. Anyway, last year I missed 3 months without any bleeding (which on average would be 6 periods for me) and it was hell on earth until I had a show again. Thus, my theory is, my body in particular, likes being on a period. If it stops through medication or otherwise, I believe it causes more symptoms for me. As my pains nowadays are more during the time that I am not bleeding, I think the bleed is my release. Perhaps, although you have had a clotty, horrible period, this too has helped towards some relief? As our hormones changed all of the time, I am in the mindset that we need to listen to our bodies more the older we get and I am seriously considering having my new replacement Mirena taken out, as I have been in so much pain since having it 6 months ago with very sparse spotting going on. I am hoping that as I get older, the hormones that have been feeding the endo, finally sort themselves out and stop all of this. Good luck with the pain free days and have some great times whilst you can x


Thanks for your reply - to be honest it did feel like that - 3 months of constant pain then after my December period very little - as though something had "released"??

I was due to have the zoladex implant at the beginning of January but have decided to wait as at the moment I am coping with the pain. Fingers crossed this lasts !!!!!!


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