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More about travel insurance. GP told me I may have endo on my diaphragm from my symptom but not confirmed by lap. Do I need to declare?

Apology for the second post for travel insurance.

I get breathlessness and chest and back pain during the period and ovulation. Lung collapse is not confirmed. There were severe chest and back pain when I had really difficulty breathing in December but I didn't go to the doctor as it happened on Friday evening and by Monday I got a bit better. I didn't think it was a major lung collapse but there could be a tiny one? I was quite OK during January period. I am being referred to chest department but not had an appointment yet.

I am going to buy travel insurance soon to go to Japan for July as I already bought ticket. I am in a tricky situation as I was told there is a bit of endo on my Pouch of Douglas but on the letter it said "there is not significant endomitriosis found". I have a lot of adhesion in my pelvic area especially on my bowel.

I put bowel adhesion but it seems like it it talking about adhesion inside of bowel as it had a further question about bowel blockage.

I think I have endo as I had painfree time with Zoladex so I think there is more endo underneath adhesion but when I buy this insurance there is no proof I have endo anywhere.

Should I declare endo at all? Should I declare about my undiagnosed and untreated chest pain but being referred?

Thanks in advance.


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I told my travel insurance provider & it made no difference, my policy cost the same


Hi EJT01 Thanks for your reply. Do you mind telling me which company you went with, please? I tried Tesco, M&S, Sainsbury's, Post office, Bupa and AA and comparing sites.

AA is the cheapest so far but costing me over plus £30 to declare endo (with chronic pain, post op).




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