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Any advice appreciated about taking the pill ?

Hello, I was diagnosed with endometriosis nearly a year ago after several visits to a and e and various diagnosis of pid and ibs and one a and e doctor telling me it was all in my head and was mental stress from having a c section!!!,I have been put on 3 months of the pill and then a week break and then another 3 months which ive nearly finished, for the last 2 weeks i've been having more period pains and yesterday had pain that reduced me to tears, i'am worried that that means that its getting worse as things had settled down while id been on the pill, Its all so confusing and all the doctors say different things ! : ( any advice appreciated x x

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There are so many different pills it could just be that the one your one doesn't work for you. But you need to give it 6 months to make that decision. You should also get your doctor to prescribe mefanamic acid and trexanamic acid they work well with the pill to reduce pain and bleeding. In addition to this the diagnosis of IBS could be true too I have IBS as well as endo and PCOS they often come in pairs or in my case threes. Hope you feel better soon x


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