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Can I still have children

I was diagnosed with endometriosis two years ago so far I have under gone two op to remove endometriosis, my last op Xmas 2013 they removed my fallopian tube on the right hand side due to it beening deformed from the endometriosis since this op I have had no answers or help regarding my fertility. Has any one else lost a fallopian tube and how do I make the hospital take me seriously

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Was anything wrong with the other one? Did they do a dye test through it to check it was clear? Your GP should probably by now have had a report from the hosp about what was done in the op. Give the surgery a ring tomorrow and ask them to check if the report has come back as yet. If it has, then book an appointment to discuss it with your GP if they won't tell you over the phone.

Was anything written on your hospital discharge form about what procedures had been done?

As they removed one tube - there is no reason to suppose the other isn't working fine or they would have probably removed it too or worked on it to remove any obstructions that could or needed to be removed.

Did the consultant say he/she wanted to see you for a follow up appointment in a few weeks or months time or not?

If the report sent to the GP isn't clear then either ask your GP to send a request for greater clarification - or write to your surgeon yourself asking the questions you are looking for anwers to.

They are busy people and it might take some time to get a reply, but at least you don't need an appointment to ask the questions and they can address it when they do get time.

If I remember correctly it took about 6 weeks to get a letter back from my surgeon. I'd almost given up hope.


It has been 6 weeks still waiting for the report to come back.have been to gp and they still ain't got any think when I was under the burnt though my urethra so I have a stent in still ain't Hurd any think back I don't know were I stand with them if I allow to ring the hospital to get. Answers???

This is still all New to me I think cause I am 24 they still trying to treat me as a child . Xx


In that case, try and contact your local NHS PALS service (Patient Liason and Advice.) Get their support in pushing the hospital to respond to your enquiries and clarify what has been done and what remains to be done.

The stent can stay where it is. Probably safer to leave it alone. Quite a few endo ladies have had stents put in for endo related issues and other medical probles too. Just keeps tubes open as tubes and able to work.

You could discuss with PALS if it is worth asking for your hosp medical records under a freedom of information request, but if the surgeon has not actually done his or her homework on the surgery - the notes may not be there either.

If there has been some calamity with the surgeon and for whatever reason they have not been able to complete the paper work then you need to know that is the case and roughly what time frame you will be expected to wait.

There could be any number of legitimate reasons - for example still waiting for biopsy results to come back and so on. But it doesn't do you any good not knowing this, so get pushy and start rattling the boat and letting the hosp know that you are far from happy and want answers.

contact PALS and see what they have to say about this. Having them on your team should be enough to get things moving - they will know who to contact on your behalf. Best of Luck.


My daughter had severe endo ftrom age 16 and massive laser removal age 19

she took clomid and had twins age 20 BUT BE WARNED she now has severe Hashimotos and central hypothyroid and fibromyalgia

one of her twins age 18 is now in same boat


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