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Feeling alone and fed up

I have been suffering from endo for past 5 years and have had 2 laps. Just started zoladex again and bleeding like mad feel totally washed out and feel like crying. Pain is driving me crazy Have had headaches for past 4 days.

I am training to be a teacher and my first report criticized my absences. Some of which were due to child illness but most down to health issues. I'm due back tomorrow but feel really down about it as I am so tired even having had 2 weeks holiday. I am being paid to train and my school are determined to get their moneys worth.I am struggling beyond belief but don't feel able to ask for help. I'm also not sure if I should tell school about having endo. I have a really supportive partner but he doesn't understand it all and is worried about my training. Just feel like hiding under duvet and not coming out :,(

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I'm sorry to hear you are feeling alone and fed up. This site is really helpful. The ladies on here are a mind of information. I can relate to how you are feeling as many of us can. It's a hard disease to cope with but your never alone on here with fellow suffers. Regarding telling work, well I guess it depends, do you think they will be understanding and ease up on the training to help you out? I'm sorry I'm not much help but I'm only new to the site. I hope you feel better soon and get some help at work. Big hug hun x


You are not alone! Sending you lots of warm hugs xx A lot of us have been there, or are in the same place as you are now. Don't forget it is normal to get the blues after a lap prodecure, and also when on Zoladex. ( my boyfriend dumped me when I had just started Zolly which was a double whammy!).

The pain gets worse when you start Zolly before it gets better as you can probably remember. So hang in there! If you haven't been offered ad-back hrt with the zolly I recommend that for the moods. I dramatically helped me from wanting to rip someones head off or cry all day. x


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