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Dilema : private lap or wait for NHS? I have been on a waiting list for several months now for a diagnostic lap & hysteroscopy. Getting fed

up of waiting so I checked today to see if I could have the proceedures done privately as an NHS patient. I can which is great but the problem is that the private hosp is much further away which means a lot of difficulty getting to appoints - I work full time & dont have any AL left :-( so I'm in a bit of a dilema - has anyone been seen privately - is it worth it? I have to be sure if I ring my GP to ask her to refer me to the Nuffield. Many thanks for any replies

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Hi Clariebabelfish, I went private for my diagnostic lap. I had no choice but to go private as gp refused to refer me. Turns out I had a 6cm irregular cyst and endo. From start to finish was under a month and I had to have an ultrasound too. For me it was worth every penny they removed cyst and endo at the same time and im now pretty much pain free. Good luck which ever way you decide. X


Hi there, sorry for your experience. Mine was similar to Moff cat. Had been fobbed off numerous times by my gp and knew something was wrong as was in great pain. Went privately for a scan and turned out to be a 4cm endometrioma. Anyway my gyne was worth every penny and specialised in endo . From start to finish he put my mind at rest. He also performed surgery under the nhs so I didn't have to pay for that as I believe it can end up costing thousands with treatment. Fortunately the nhs wait was only two weeks though. Had it done last week. I can't believe you've had to wait so long? If you have the money I'd 100% go private! I'm seeing a gastroenterologist privately too and he is equally as good.

Really hope you get something sorted soon


Unfortunatly nhs wait is long. I waited a year to have lap and hsteroscopy. he ia excellent. I personally say got finace go private cut out waiting time. Hardly had appointments. I just had initial consultation and pre-ass.


Hiya, I would wait for NHS treatment. I have been seen both privately and through NHS please see my previous posts for further info! Basically though while being seen to privately I had unfortunate misfortune to be seen by the same consultant I was under on the NHS!

I paid a lot of money to be seen privately...still had to wait quite a long time for treatment and got stuck with a doctor that had fobbed me off on NHS! Her opinion did not change just because I paid!

Insult to injury the private hospital was in the middle of nowhere so had to travel a long way for an appointment. They also did not carry out the op I needed so I was booked in to an NHS hospital anyway for the op itself!

The only good point of my whole experience of going private was that the private place I was seen in was very clean....oh and that I got my money back after some very strong complaints!

Wish you best of luck x


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