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Mirena coil

I know this isn't specific to endo, but I had one to manage endo, I only had a few weeks ago granted but I'm in so much pain :(

I bled for a week normalish (I was due on anyone) i was ok for about 2 days then bled for a few, stopped for a few now bleeding a lot, and really bad tummy ache, I'm used to pain so it's nothing new, but I don't know what to do, Christmas in 10 days and I'm a grump in pain and tired, will It get better? Is it worth sticking it out?


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Hi Charlotte, I had mine fitted back in May and for me certainly the pain did ease up and evened itself out, plus my period stopped completely, with just a little bit of spotting now and then, but never enough to use a tampon. Having said that, recently my pain from before my laparoscopy has started again, so not sure if that is normal or not with the coil, but I do feel so much better with it than I did on the pill. They do say to try and stick it out for at least 6 months (although, I suppose that depends on how much pain you are in). Hope it starts to feel better. Nic x


I had one fitted and it was he worst thing I could do! I had to have it surgically removed, as after 3 days my body went into what I can only describe as 'labour' and I had spasms every 15 mins where I felt I needed to 'push'. The coil had cut into my cervix and was embedded, and I had to go to A&E. It was awful. Every time I go to the gynae they still say 'oh have a Mirena, they are wonderful'. No way!!!!!


Hi Charlotte88

How are you getting on? I know you posted this some time ago but I thought I would drop by and say hi.

I had the mirena fitted around 2months ago. My first two weeks were hell on earth, it was as though they were still up there fitting it, no pain relief helped and I couldnt get comfortable. After those two weeks I started bleeding again heavily (continual heavy bleeding is normal for me). After three weeks of flooding, clot loss and extreme fatigue I went on Norethisterone. After taking this for three days I stopped bleeding. I can honestly say I've not noticed the mirena, I don't even know its there. The gp did check it hadnt come away through the excess bleeding but nope, its sat there quite content.

From my own research the mirena is like Marmite - you either get on with it 100% and love it or it just fails miserably ending in a horific experience.

I do hope you are feeling better and things have settled.



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