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What pain medication could help me? I am allergic to anti inflammatories

I currently have endometriosis and have been given the run around with various hormonal treatments and pain medication. Neither work anymore. I have been given cocodamol, codeine, tramadol and fentanyl of all things. My doctors say there is nothing else I'm allowed. I'm sorry but I find it hard to believe there are only 4 medications available with serious gaps in strength. Fentanyl is far to strong for me and the pain is Bad but it's not that Bad.

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I'm in a similar position , I have a stomach ulcer I can take Tramadol codydamol , my gp prescribed gabapentin, I find this works well, you have to up it slowly, another friend who has just had a lot of surgery for endo is also currently on the same meds , good luck xx


In what way are you allergic to them. Is the allergy worth putting up with for the relief in pain..ie do you get an allergic rash? There are muscle relaxant pain killers too, that's what I am on when needed. Seems to calm the pains pretty well too. Not all endo pains are caused by inflamed tissue. Might be worth trying a different type of pain killer to see if you get any relief from that without suffering any allergic reaction.

Lots of ladies have reported reduced pain by altering the content of their diets - adopting eating habits based on the endo diet. Might be worth giving that a go too.

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My allergy is severe lol anaphylactic shock so unfortunately side affects are to severe. I'm about to start on natural remedies like black cohosh. If they don't work then I will begin on the diets.


Hi drags249, I'm also allegic to all anti inflammatory drugs. I use codeine phosphate with paracetamol or if that dosen't cut the mustard I use dihydrocodeine. I hope this helps. X


I became tolerant of them within a few months and then they became useless :-/ thanks anyway x


Speak to a pharmacist who can tell you all you need to know. Pharmacists are the experts on drugs. They spend 4 years studying them doctors spends 4hours.

I found amitriptyline fantastic although it made the fatigue worse. Butrans patch would be less strong den fentanyl but stronger den codeine.

Gabapenten is very good too. But seriously sit down with a good pharmacist who can give you all the information you need to make a decision then go to your doctor armed with this.

It's definitely worth trying to find a pill that works for you too. Greatly reduces the pain. I'd not be able to work without mine.

I've read a research paper recently which claimed it's as effective as d chemical menopause so many women with endo endure. But it's very recent research and more work is too be done on it.

Hope this helps. Don't give up. Your right though there are alot more meds out there for you to try. Don't forget your regular paracetamol too. Take it every 4 to 6 hours will reduce the amount of opiates you have to take therefore reduce the side effects. Also it has may have some anti inflammatory effects too.

Be careful with herbal, it's still a medicine so still has side effects. Morphine comes from a plant remember!


Thank you I will definitely go and talk to one and find out since 3 Doctors all agree there's nothing else for me. Iv never been keen on natural remedies but it's getting to be a last resort and id do anything to get rid of this pain and exhaustion. I have a toddler and I want to play with him all day but I get to exhausted and sometimes it brings on the pain so I feel like a crap Mum. Will see what the pharmacist says though hopefully they have better news for me.


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