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Twisting and burning pains :(

For the last approx 6 weeks I have been experiencing, everyday, lower abdomen pain which seems to fluctuate between twisting pain in mainly the lower left side and a burning pain that feels like my insides are on fire to feeling like my tummy is being scrapped out with a spoon.

I have just seen a gynaecologist and have a scan next month but am really worrying that as i have constant pain everyday and its changed how it feels that it could be something else like cysts too, and am getting all stressed out over it.

can anybody offer any advice? I have had Endo for about 15 years and had two laps.

Thank you x

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Sure sounds like a cyst. They can pop, they can leak and empty out and be absorbed by the body, so i you do have a cyst, if it is a small one, it's not likely they will do anything to it, just monitor it every couple of months or so, hoping it will disappear. Depending on the contents of the cyst. some are persistent and pop and refill up again, or don't pop and just keep on growing. If it is pushing 4cm in diameter and is grumbling causing you daily pain, they might drain it or remove it in another lap op. It could take some time to get the surgery appointment if it looks like a benign cyst, so you do need to behave cautiously, nothing too strenuous activity wise that will agravate it causing it to burst... having said that my two experiences of bursts happened when I was lying down doing nothing at all. My current cyst does cause me more pain when I have over done the activities, but it is no where near as bad as the first one I had...and got removed in an op.


Are cysts meant to be monitored then?? As I have a lot that come and go bursting every few months, it absolutely kills me when they burst. Like you say, I'm lying down when mine burst, in fact I wake up and they've burst in the night most times. I have been told I have cysts 3 times now and then gone to A&E a few months later with pain they're they're gone. They've never been monitored though.


Thank you Impatient. That is useful to know. Fingers crossed they will sort me out soon. Thank you x


I have had my lap now and turned out to be very bad endo on the left and I suspect now it was actually ovulation pain (that I had never experienced before) that I thought was a cyst bursting!


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