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Does anyone get joint pain? Or been diagnosed with endo in joints or osteoporosis?

Hey ladies,

Hope you are having a manageable day.

Does anyone get joint pain?

I suffered with severe joint pain whilst on zoladex, not surprising as it's a well known side effect.

However im now on depro vera and joint pain continues, worse than before to point at times i cant cut up my own food or bend my wrists to drive.

Ive just had xrays on my wrists and more bloods, awaiting results.

My gp doesn't want me to carry on with the injections. She doesn't think it's osteoporosis as she said it doesn't hurt...

anyone got experiences they could share re bone pain, what you found caused it, how it was diagnosed and treatment for both bone and endo you were offered?

Thank you for sharing,

Love Lisa xxx

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On zoladex I had bad bone pain - not just on the joints- and guess what, stopping the drug also stopped the pains.

i would say my pains were bones and veins too... I suspect that much of that was to do with elevated blood pressure (I was also getting heart palpitations and verging on panic attacks at times).

Did the doc check your blood pressure. Osteo is a thining of the trunk bones (Pelvis, spine, skull, ribs etc maiking them more prone to fracturing and that is made worse by these drugs, and when that happens it hurts, but in itself thinning bones don't cause pain.

Joint pains in hands and wrists does sound like arthritis..it may or may not be linked to having a weakened immune system from the endo. It won't be endo itself.

I got so much relief by stopping the zoladex , so I too would recommend that it is worth stopping the depo-provera to see if that does ease the pain. If it does then you know for sure the drug is causing the pain not any illness you may have contracted.

If it doesn't ease the joint pains, then the pains are caused by something else that needs to be investigated... like arthritis.

Hope you can figure out the cause quickly and it is easy to fix.


Thanks Impatient.

Yes I do get bone pain too, but joint pain is different.

I did think of arthritis but my joints don't swell.

My xrays have just come back clear so at least that is good. Now just to see if the bloods shed any light.

I would love to not be on treatment but the trouble is I am a senior nurse who is in charge on my shifts of a hospital. If i end up having lots of time off I will loose my job.

My friends and family keep telling me to cut my hours but this may cause me to loose my job also. Ive worked so hard to get where I am and I love it.

I hate that endo meddles with life not just our bodies :(

Although so greatful compared to others suffering in the world, i know how lucky I am xxx


I am on depo injections backed with HRT. I have been on injections for a good view months now as my gyno wants me to be on them long term. I also have fibromyalgia which causes muscle problems as well as other things. My problem now is that before I started my injections I was getting joint pain. My doc sent me to a rheumatologist that is sending me for an ultra sound scan on my hands and feet. Still waiting on the scan. All I know is that since having endo it seems to have caused me more other problems with my health. Hope you get sorted soon.



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