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Taken off HRT - poss endo still so fed up xx

Hi ladies, hope that you are all ok...as good as we can be with this crappy illness. I have posted about having my ovaries out in June this year, everything else was taken in 2008, ovaries were left due to age. When I saw my cons in May the internal exam he did he said he felt thickening at top of vagina and that ovary was adhered to my vagina aswell. An MRI scan was 'inconclusive' and when he took my ovaries and sent them away the results came back showing there was endo inside them, however he said no other signs of endo. I have still experienced a lot of pain and so after 10 yrs I decided to go for a 2nd opinion. I was really nervous when I went last night but needn't have been as he was lovely. He did a transvaginal scan to look at my pelvis and bladder and he said my bladder looked fine. The internal exam though he said he had felt nodules and a lot of thickening at top of vagina, consistent with endo. He said I shouldn't have had hrt implant in at time of ovaries being removed, as that, along with the HRT patches the GP gave me to counteract the menopause symptoms have continue to feed the endo (which I know that estrogen 'feeds' it) however I was under the impression I was endo free. I am going for MRI scan next Monday and then a follow up wk after. He told me to stop my patches and he may remove the HRT implant once he conf the extent of the endo. I am yet to go back to work. My menopause symptoms where awful and the dr messed me around with other HRT things, I have been depressed since the surgery, however in the last few wks, with the help of speaking to someone and some tablets I have started to feel much more positive. Now I just feel angry. Why wasn't the endo seen when he did the aurgery....or did he just not follow up what he thought he had felt. The cons I saw last night said it was pointless having ovaries out to then go straight into HRT....that's how I feel, that there was no point. It has helped my

Pain levels but to now have to be going through all this again, I don't know when or if I will ever be endo free. There is nothing more to take away for goodness sake. Am worried about menopause symptoms returning and me feeling totally crap again. Anyway, I just needed to vent really.....so if you read this far thanks so much.....it's very easy to feel that we are alone in all this!!! Thanks everyone:) Clare xxxx

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The article above explains how endo as well as other lumpy cysts can develop after a hysterectomy procedure, in the remaining scar tissues. Have a read and include the comments underneath from Myr Treharn as he explains further some of the reasons for post op pain and it may not be endo...... but it can be any remaining endo too.

HRT is necessary to keep the rest of you, heart & bones healthy when you lose the ovaries, coming off HRT is only a short term way to reduce the endo growth... ideally the endo (if it is endo) should be surgically removed.....Again!!!


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