What foods/drinks/diets would you recommend to ease bowel problems due to endo?

I have a healthy, well-balanced diet. But, I wondered if there were things I hadn't tried that could help? If anyone would care to share a daily diet plan that would be great! I suffer from really bad, almost daily, uncomfortable bloating. Has anything helped anyone to reduce these symptoms too?

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  • There is well known diet endo book:-D.For bowel pain or problems helped me probiotics that has. one inportant thing. called : S.boullardi.:-):-) and I have sticked organs together.Now I have less and less pain:-)

  • Hello :) I normally (although haven't for the past month and have felt AWFUL) follow the endo resolved diet: endo-resolved.com and it helps a huge amount with bloating, exhaustion and I found following the diets really helped with the heaviness/ pain of my symptoms too. It is a bit full on but after one month of doing it I didn't regret it or miss the "bad" foods xx

  • Thank you! This has been a huge help!

  • Hi. I follow the Endo Diet. Generally it is no red meat/caffeine /soya/alcohol/wheat/dairy/refined sugars . I find sugar is the worst for me (even several fruit so fructose too) as it really brings my pain on. I know most people say having no dairy or wheat reduces the swelling an awful lot & my gynae & gp agree with that. Soya /wheat & red meat contain hormones.

    You need to keep at it & give it a real chance.

    Good luck x

  • I have noticed my symptoms get worse after dairy and wheat, so I'm going to cut those out first and start my dairy-free, gluten-free diet! If things don't improve I will start cutting out other things one bit at a time. Thanks so much for all your suggestions! xxxx

  • I have the same problems and although I haven't made a major change I used to have one fizzy drink each day-mainly diet coke and after a month of giving it up the pain is much less for such a small change!

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