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Fertility Testing!

Hi guys, my fertility tests have all started now, got a HSG tomorrow and despite having years of tests and ops I am for some reason very nervous of this. I think its because I have heard so many nighmare stories & because I found out my tubes were clubbed after my last op 3 yrs ago & have been TTC for over a year now knowing I have clubbed tubes, Ive got everything riding on wether my tubes are completely blocked or not! has anyone had anything good to say about a HSG after years of endo ??

Please share your stories if so! :)

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Hey I'm really glad there all starting now :)

I've just finished doing mind... The HSG is nerv racking but actually is really is okay. It's uncomfortable as it induces period pain (best way to describe the pain) when dye is inserted!

They tell you there and then usually if any problems... Saying that mine weren't very cleAr but that's my fault as I was so scared I forgot to really ask... But at least you won't have to wait for the results which by the sounds of it are important for you! Good luck today and keep positive xxxxxx



I am also doing fertlity testing and had my HSG two weeks ago. I like you was extremely nervous about it and I'm not going lie I found it quite painful. However it is over fairly quickly and they do give you a rough idea of what they found. which is good.

Good luck with everything xxxxxx


Hi there! I hope your HSG went well today for you.

I had mine in October and for me it was extremely painful! During and for the next 2 days after. But everyone is different. The lady who did it was lovely, very supportive and understanding (esp when I was dry retching 30 secs after the dye had been inserted! and after she had told me the results).

Like the others have said you do get to have a rough idea of what they have seen. I did have to ask, so not sure if they would have told me otherwise or not. Mine unfortunately was not good news and told a woman in my circumstances would only be able to conceive via IVF and showed me the pics they had taken. They cannot tell you too much but it is nice to get an idea instead of waiting until the consultant.

Like I said I hope yours went well and your results were ok x


Well I had it and it was very painful for me lots of tears and crying out and they couldn't get the speculum out afterwards as I was so tensed up. It wasn't something I would ever like to repeat! Both tubes are blocked and cannot have IVF as my husband has 2 children of his own. They may be able to make a cut in each blockage to clear a pathway however I've been operated on to deal with my endo 3 times so I can't see that my consultancy is going to want to as it's opening up the same wound again and as we all now each op creates it's own scar tissue which will not improve my health / pain situation in the long run. I've heard of they make the cut in a blockage that you get a 6 month window to get pregnant after, not sure how true that is. All questions for my consultant when I get back to see her xx


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