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Stage 4 endo and only 2 weeks pregnant. Getting stomach cramps and bloated!! Needing a little reassurance x

I have recently found out I am pregnant. I have endo in my pouch of Douglas that has never been operated on (I was considering open surgery then found out I was pregnant). I was wondering what other people's experience is of this. I have a nagging cramp in my pelvic area and don't know if this is normal. Can't get a dr appointment until next week! I am also a little worried about how my body will cope with pregnancy and am just seeking a bit of reassurance from people who understand. Knowing my uterus is attached to my bowel by the adhesions is making me panic a little! Help! Xxx

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I've had 2 pregnancies & have endo in my pod. Both pregnancies have been fine except for normal sickness etc the endo hasn't affected my pregnancies. I've not been offered any surgery though to remove my endo. X


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