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Fourth lap, 25 years old, stage 4 endo, interstitial cystitis and adeno.. Mental hugs needed!

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Hello ladies,

I have just turned 25 and have just had my fourth lap which showed that my endo has gone from a stage 3 to stage 4 and has started to really affect my bowel. I am now being scheduled for a much bigger lap which will include having part of my bowel removed. I also have interstitial cystitis and adeno. I don't really have a question tonight, I am just feeling really down and in pain after the op and just wanted to reach out to the only people who know what I am going through. I hope everyone is having a pain-free day and I'm sending you a hug as sometimes we just need one for no reason other than to show each other we get it. Xx

10 Replies
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Hey :) I have one of the best endo consultants in the country and I'm being seen in Brighton

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Mummycox33 in reply to Catness

Hi. Sorry to hear u r having pains and sending lots of hugs to u. Im new on here and have been getting endo type pains for the last 2 years. I have not been diagnosed yet and just keep getting fobbed off and told it's just period pains and to get on with it. I have been getting many different symptoms and some days it's unbearable and I can't move. I have an app next month and I'm going to push for an op. I was interested to see what consultant u were seeing in brighton (I live in brighton and will b going to royal Sussex for check up) I was told to see a specialist and don't think they will reference me unless I push:( Lots of hugs

Claire xx

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Big gentle endo hugs coming your way. X

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Catness in reply to Yazza

Thank you Yazza, I really appreciate them :) xx

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Hi Angel

I'm really sorry to hear how much you're going through and the pain you're in.

I have a special poem i give to poeple i give to people who are in need of comfort!

When angels sense you need them

And angels always do

They come unseen from everywhere

To help and comfort you

They hover close beside you

Till all your fears have gone

And they can sense your ready

Once again to carry on.

Then most of them fly away

And take their caring ways

To others who need the love

Of angels very much

But one at least stays with you

As you comfort and support

As guardian angels never leave you

They're always by your side!!

Print it out and put it wher you'll get most comfort from it and feel free to give it to anyone you think could do with a little devine intervention!!

I hope all goes well and your pain eases soon, take care and lots of gentle hugs and angel blessings xx

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Catness in reply to mitzymoo

Thank you Mitzymoo :) that's really lovely xx

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You're welcome angel, how are you feeling today? xx

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Catness in reply to mitzymoo

A lot better thank you. Hope you're having a pain free day too xx

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I read your post on my phone a few days back and couldn't reply thanks to dodgy internet! I was diagnosed at your age, at 29 I'm now scheduled for my fifth and sixth ops, I can't imagine that I would have coped as well as you are with having so many ops so young. You are so brave and kind to be reaching out to other people whenever you're hurting so much yourself. I have most of the same diagnoses as you so I really do understand how you feel.

Sending you lots of get well hugs and wishing you a successful outcome from this op.

Take care xxx

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Catness in reply to applebird

Thank you apple bird :) xx

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