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Hi girls, I'm looking for some reassurance/advice since getting laparoscopy report. X

I had my first diagnostic lap and mirena insertion on the 15th of October, almost 2 weeks ago. After the lap, the surgeon I saw didn't say much, that they had found some endo around the pouch of douglas but they didn't do anything with it as there was too much. I had a lot of adhesions some of which they dealt with, other they didn't due to various risks. That was the jist of what he said, no great detail and see you in 6 months.

I know I was still a bit woozy but I'm sure he didn't tell me much more than that!

I waited for my report to come back to the g.p and I expected it to be as brief as the surgeon had been and although I was surprised in that it does in fact give me much more detail, things that he never even mentioned! I find it a lot to take in.

I understand all of it, but what I don't understand is what it means for the future, looking forward? How will I ever be normal again if they can't/don't want to treat the endometriosis? I know that they need to wait and see if the mirena helps (which fingers crossed it will!) but if it is this bad now, how bad will it be in a few years?? My ovaries are fine now but what if they don't stay that way, is there any way of knowing?

Here's what the report said anyway...


Adhesion band between uterine fundus and anterior abdominal wall. Also omental adhesions to umbilical area.

Extensive peritoneal endometriosis.

Normal tubes and Ovaries. (Thankfully!)

Endometriotic spots in both ovarian fossae, on uterosacrals and in Pouch of Douglas.

Mild obliteration of Pouch of Douglas.


Adhesion band between uterus and abdominal wall cut with bipolar diathermy restoring normal uterine anatomy.

Omental adhesions left intact.

Endometriosis not treated surgically as too extensive.

mirena coil inserted.

Final Diagnosis:

Extensive peritoneal endometriosis.

Omental adhesions to umbilical area. Hasson technique recommended for future laparoscopic entry.

Patient Follow-up: Mirena coil to control endometriosis, to be changed in 5 years time.

Might need GnRh analogues in the future.

I was hoping that some of you could shed some light or share your own diagnosis/story?

And how the hell can something be 'mildly obliterated'??

Or maybe I'm just completely overreacting and it sounds much worse than it is?

I would love for this to be the case and I do know there are so many ladies in much worse situations than mine, but I'm still scared.

It would be good to hear some personal stories.

Thanks for reading,



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I can't help you much with all of the terminology. Try and ask dr if you can or research it on the Internet. But I did feel exactly the same with diagnosis etc and did myself what I've just suggested to try and work out what was going on in my body. The problem of course with doing this is you do end up worrying more about it! And focusing on it. But I think we need to understand what is happening.

One question for you, did they explain why they chose the mirena coil? I've never been offered that. Each dr seems to come with different solutions I guess.


Hi, thanks for your reply. You're right about worrying more by looking into it but I do think it's important to understand what is going on inside your own body. So that's the problem here, I basically understand what's going on but it's not knowing will is going to happen next that is leaving me so anxious!

I had discussed a few options with the gynae previously and that was the one I decided to go with. From my research, it has different effects on everybody but I know some women with endo who have had great results from the Mirena.



I think you should consult another doctor for a second opinion. You are entitled to do this and your gp is obliged to refer you. Research doctors in your area that specialise in endometriosis. I had a very large endometreoma attached to my bladder. It was a complicated precedure to remove it and I think there are few surgeons that would have attempted it. However, mine did and I feel a million times better.


Thank you for you reply. :) I'm glad to hear that you are feeling so much better after your treatment.

I think a second opinion is the way to go. Unfortunately I'm not spoilt for choice with consultants and I'm finding them quite difficult to find as I live in Ireland.


Hi tortuga

I've said this in my PM to you but you are definitely best off getting a second opinion by an experienced endo specialist. For the sake of your health, your pain and your future fertility it would be best to get as much of the endo removed, as it can and probably will continue to grow & spread.

I hope you are recovering well? x


Thanks Beau.

I'm getting there with the recovery. I feel like I'm doing fine and healing well surgically I think.

It's been two weeks today since the surgery and I thought I would be back to 'normal' by now but I'm in so much more pain than I was before the surgery. Is this normal? X


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