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Any decent endo consultants / surgeons out there you'd recommend?

I'm gradually, and with great resistance, facing the fact that I need another operation for my endometriosis. I was diagnosed when I was 25 (8 years after telling my GP I had it), had a laparotomy in 2005 to remove bilateral endometrial cysts and another laparotomy in 2006 as there was another one on my right ovary. I had an incomplete cycle of IVF in 2008 with my ex-husband which resulted in a miscarriage and since then have steered as clear of surgery and surgeons etc because I felt completely traumatised and wanted to build myself a life.

I'm now 33, a full-time qualified English teacher with a new partner and the pain, recurrent UTIs, dizziness etc are telling me I need treatment again. I keep away from hormones, particularly after pretty horrific IVF, and I take only paracetamol because stronger painkillers mean I can't work. I can't bear the pressure to have children that each doctor has put on me - yes, I am aware of the time window I have! So now I'm looking for a consultant that might do more than just treat me like a slab of meat and one that won't even dream of mentioning the dreaded 'h' word (hysterectomy).

Can anyone recommend any particularly good endo clinics / consultants? Thanks for your time reading this.

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I agree with Gem above, out of all the places I have been Arrow Park are incredible. I've been struggling for almost 9 years getting diagnosis. They can tell from just your first consultation.

I had an op two years ago and took over a month to recover as the surgeon was awful and lasered

But at arrow park they cut away and I was fit and well after a couple of weeks

I've recommended them to everyone I know !


I'm not sure where you live but there is an endo clinic in London at the university college London hospital


Hi pineapple

Sorry you are having a tough time. Unfortunately that due to legal reasons we don't allow individual consultants to be named on this site. However people can recommend clinics and the two mentioned above are both on the list of centres accredited by the BSGE - bsge.org.uk to find out more.

The website lists both the accredited centres and those that are provisional and I would suggest you look through both lists. The provisional ones have applied to become accredited during the last calendar year (something that happens on 1st Jan each year), and so centres listed should have specialist endometriosis consultants, named colorectal surgeons and uruolgists who they work with, alongside a specialist nurse.

I hope you manage to find somewhere that suits you and best of luck with whatever treatment path you decide to take.



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