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3 weeks post op vaginal dissection and bowel adhesiolysis...... Feeling incredibly low and tired

3 weeks ago I had a lap for a vaginal dissection to remove endo from the top of the vagina during which they found that my bowel was badly stuck together and stuck to my pelvic wall, and I lost a lot of blood due to complications. Since then I've had a chest infection and now an infection in 2 of my wounds and I just feel exhausted and for the last 2 days really tearful. I feel like I'm being silly and should be feeling much better by now. Sorry to moan on I just don't have anyone to really talk to :-(

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Poor you, that's a lot to cope with and three weeks is such a short time in the circumstances.

When you say you think you should be feeling much better, do you mean emotionally or that you expected an improvement in your physical pain?

After y last fairly straightforward lap (in comparison to yours) I felt worse than I did before I went in for about 6 weeks. Unfortunately, I'm always miserably and moany so can't compare that! (I am taking Agnus Castus now and I think it is helping my moods a bit)

Have a ((hug)) to be going on with.



Thank u ladies, lost kitty I was having counselling at the start of the year cos this has been a long tiring and hard process over the last 12 years but she decided I didn't need anymore sessions in June, memyselfi I think it's a bit of both really, I'm used to doing everything at 100 miles an hour and at the moment it's more like 1 mile an hour and I'm not used to it. It doesn't help that after they removed my ovaries just over a year ago they haven't allowed me to take hrt so I'm struggling with the menopause as well. My inlaws keep saying I should be back at work by now even though my surgeon has said not until at least 6 weeks so that's making me feel like I'm making it up!! I'm probably over thinking things and the pain and infections are just adding to it, thank you again for your replies ladies x


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