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Hi I had a subtotal hystorectomy sacroplasty and tvt 4 weeks ago and just wondered if the symptoms I'm getting are normal

I've been getting some serious hot sweats and night sweats also my temper just goes all of a sudden for no reason. Ill be fine one minute then all of a sudden just miserable and crying. I've been like this for the last 2 weeks.

Physically I'm not feeling to bad still the odd twinge but generally ok, as I had a sub total I never thought I get these symptoms. Am I goin mad lol p.s I'm 31 xx

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Your symptoms do sound like menopause ones but if you didn't have the ovaries removed I wonder what else could be causing the hot flushes.

The depressive episodes are quite normal after any big op, it is called post op depression and can hit out of the blue. I did read there could be some evidence that it may be linked to general anaesthetics but also your body is under huge stresses too.

If you really are stuggling then speak to your GP about getting assessed for a course of anti-depressants to speed up the mental recovery side of things. So many patients get post op depression. it is very real and you can do something about it.

As for the temperature regulation side of things, perhaps your Doc can have your blood tested for hormone levels to see if things are withing normal range again. Or possibly may decide to top you up with HRT for a while.

Hopefully not a permanent feature as like you said it wouldn't normally be expected from this kind of op so long as an ovary or both are left behind and working still.

If the hots are only in the last few days then you may have an infection. Could be the Winter flu type or poss an infection from the surgery. Obviously if it is viral then it needs to run its course but if it is bacterial then anti-biotics will help.

Definitely go speak to your GP to get checked for infection and for your hormone levels and also discuss the post op depression side of things too.

no point feeling any worse than you have to be just getting over the op itself anyway.

Very best of luck and get well soon wishes wafting through cyber space to you.


Thank you x I'll go see me gp and see what he can suggest


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