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Endo and genetic links?

My sister has severe endometriosis I've just been diagnosed with endometriosis and adenmyosis and other problems after years of problems awaiting hysterectomy. I was lucky enough to have children but three of my daughter's suffer with horrendous periods. How can I get a Dr to take them seriously and hopefully save them years of suffering with pain and fertility problems

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Hi there. I have bad endo but no one in my immediate or extended family does. I was misdiagnosed for years. Whenever I went to the gps about the pain they would often ask if I had a relative who suffered similar conditions. As I didn't I feel I was fobbed off a lot and not taken seriously until I got so fed up I went private and was diagnosed. As your daughters can explain the family history to their docs im sure they will be more understanding. Also gps are probably more aware of endo now than when I was complaining of pains 15yrs ago.Your daughters should ask to be referred to a gyno for diagnosis and treatment if needed. If gp says its normal and all girls suffer period pain which I was told on numerous occasions, if pain is horrendous it is not normal and see a different gp. Really hope your daughters get the right advice and treatment they need. All the best


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