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Is anyone else really Emotional ?

I find that I'm extremely emotional, smallest things make me cry. I cannot be around children without having an incredible urge to hold them, care for them, cuddle them, or if a child is taken away from me while holding them etc I get angry :/ I suffer with phantom pregnancy also... :/ is there anything I can take to stop this ?

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I have days where everything makes me angry, today I felt myself getting moody at everyone and everything. Other days I cant talk to anyone, I cant seem to bring myself to say a word, other days I cry at anything, others I am hyper and then come down with a bang, and like you put a baby in front of me and i'm a gooey mess. Unfortunately I have no idea hoe to control these moods so if anyone has any advice i'd be appteciative too! :) xx


i totally relate! i am an emotional wreck ALL the time. At times the only thing i can be around is tea as i can't deal with the world. I think this is all hormonal for us....hence the endo....and the different sorts of bad moods (eg angry the crying then hyper is all a part of the hormones.

we have to deal with it all the time whereas most other women only have to suffer from it a few days a month!

that would also affect feelings towards babies cos it's all related to the fear and frustration.

My advice is to not be hard on yourself and to try and be kind to yourself cos this is hard enough. That's easy to say (i'm crap at it) but we have to try.



Last. Isn't is a good example, get into bed have a tiny tiny argument with my partner, and I'm crying like my life is over. Panic attacks the lot. My bf base it I don't know what I can do. Can I go to the doctor, my emotions always seem to be down, or always overt thinking things, I'm not often that happy, or angry, just close to tears 24/7 :/

Thanks for your reply x


hi Kymmy

i think it would be good for you to go to the doctor and maybe get a referral to see a counsellor/therapist? to let out all those emotions. i am going to be doing it as i don't know what else to do anymore. and if it helps at all, i had a huge fight with my partner last night too. Today im just really down. hope you're feeling a bit better



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