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Ready for my Lap

Hello everyone, my names ashley and im 25 i have been suffering with severe abdominal pains And Ibs after a bowel perforation which happened when I was 19, however things have been significantly worse since having my daughter via Caesarian section in September 2010. In January this year I had another one of my strange 'spells' where I woke up in the middle of the night with excruciating abdo pain with loss of vision and blackouts since then life has been rather hellish, I suffer with severe pain constantly in my lower right hand side with labor pain throughout my back which travels down into my legs with awful cramps, mood swings extreme fatigue and two weekly periods, I have visited many unsympathetic Gps in my time buy I am finally due to have a diagnostic lap on the 9th October. I'm not looking for sympathy like many of u very brave ladies the pain and everything it entails has become a way of life and with an active 3 year old life can't stop so mummy can be sick. I am just finding things hard as I'm so scared of the op, I'm scared of the op in general (as I have never been put to sleep before!) but my main concern is that they won't find anything is that strange? Many well people laugh at me for saying that however I am of the belief that if I know what's wrong and It has a name I think it will better for me to understand what on earth is going on inside me ( as I know its there I just don't know what!) and also I think others will understand I'm not just 'lazy' or 'not trying to help myself' I'm sorry to everyone reading this I'm not even sure what I want I've just been so used to not being able to be open with friends and family because I sometimes think they are fed up that I'm sick again, perhaps its just because someone must understand what I'm feeling its been a long 6 years and if nothing's found through these awful procedures I don't know where to go from here. It may not be endo at all in which case I will have wasted all ur time! :) good luck to all of you and here's to keeping our happy I'm fine faces for another day

Thanks for reading the essay

Ashley xx

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Hi, I just wanted to say a lap for diagnostic really isn't that bad. I had op around 11 and was home by 8. I felt very groggy from anesthetic and very light headed when I first tried to get up, but on my second attempt I shuffled to the toilet with the help of a lovely nurse. I did feel a bit sore and bruised but was amazed how tiny the incisions were. The worst thing was actually the constipation after! Get some laxitives ready along with a supply of paracetamol and ibuprofen. I forgot and we had to stop at garage on way home when all I wanted to do was get home and in bed. It really is over very quickly and after a few days I managed a short walk and was back to work after a week. Maybe a little quick as was still tired. I'm due open surgery soon and that's a different story, but many years ago I had a cyst removed by open surgery which takes a long time to recover so was concerned about the lap as thought would be similar but it's really not, I promise the pain I get now can be worse than from lap! IIt's natural to be scared but focus on getting answers that's what I did!

So I had the lap several months ago now and although I'm not happy it's endo I'm so relieved to know why I suffer and as they also discovered my tubes were blocked I also had an answer to why id never fell pregnant. I felt very sad and still have moments but I totally relate to you hoping they find something so then you can focus on how to make your symptoms better. It's true many people don't understand the constant pain and exhaustion, your not lazy you just know when your body needs a break.

I'm sure most ladies on here can relate to how you feel it is not strange to want answers! At every appointment before my lap id say maybe today I'll get answers, but no.... Then the lap and a mixture of shock(mainly about tubes) and relief I finally had answers!. Good luck and don't forget the peppermint tea for helping wind it really helps! Whatever the outcome I hope you get some answers and share your thoughts with us as we have all been there. This site got me through when no one else understood and helped me with many questions I had too x


Lilyflower is right about this site helping her get through with no one else understands. It is sure helping me get through now. Don't worry you are not alone.


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