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Hi all :)

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to share my story. I started my periods at 11, and have always had chronic pain before and during my cycle. I faint through the pain, I'm regularly sick, and I have trouble with my bowel movements.

I have tried pretty much every pill available, including the patch (wouldn't advise it)

I had a marina coil in feb, after recommendation from the doc. My left breast kept swelling to twice it's size, and was so painful, even just to sit down so he advised the coil to help with that and my periods.

The first 2 months seemed a little better but since then it's all gone down hill. I bleed for 12 days, I am bed bound for 3 days due to the pain. It was excruciating to have it inserted due to the fact I have a very tiny womb an the coil has taken up the whole space.

That's my story so far, I'm waiting to see if they will consider me for a hysterectomy, and recently saw my consultant who said that this may be the next step. I never want children, and have made this clear each time.


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Hi there

May i know your age?

Have you ever had any surgery before? like laproscopy or laprotomy?

I wonder why your are thinking about hystrectomy without considering any other treatment options.

Do you have endo and/or adenomyosis as well?

Hystrectomy is usually the last resort regardless of choice of not having babies. Your ovaries and uterus regulates some of the major hormones of your body and you can enter early menopausal stage. Chances of breast cancer, osteoporosis and heart problems increase. I would suggest you do a research before you think of hystrectomy.

good luck x


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