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Help I'm waiting to have the top of my vagina removed due to endo and I'm a little scared and confused??

At an appointment in June my consultant told me that when I'd had my hysterectomy in 2007 when they had removed the cervix they had sewn the endo into my vagina and that he needs to remove about an inch at the top and excise any more that he finds... Really nervous about this one.

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Hi, I'm sorry to hear what happened during your hysterectomy in 2007. I can understand you will be nervous about this operation. Have you had all the answers to your questions from your consultant? Do you feel you understand what they are going to do during the op? And what your recovery and after care will be? If not, write all your questions down and ask to see your consultant again before your op to ask him/her. Also you can ask the nurse during your pre op. Sorry I'm not much help, good luck for your op and take care X.


Thank you for replying. It's all been a bit strange my consultant explained what it involves at my outpatients appointment but he's only performed this procedure on one other lady although he has been training on it for a long time so can't answer everything that I asked. My pre op nurse ( we are now on first name terms the amount of times she's had to pre op assess me) couldn't answer anything about recovery/time off work etc as they only have the one lady to go by. I think that's why I'm a bit anxious and they keep moving my op date so it's not doing my nerves any good. Thank you again for your reply and well wishes much appreciated x


It's not good when they change op dates, it happened to me this year and it does cause more worry as you get yourself prepared then the letter arrives that the dates been changed! It sounds like your consultant has been doing all the training he needs and does have experience even if it is only one other lady. Good luck X


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