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Hi,has anyone noticed their symptoms have got worse since having a child?does endometriosis play any part in miscarriage?

I had my son nearly four years ago and over time my symptoms have go worse.i have a lot of backache now,shows,I'm tired all the time and painful periods.im quite irregular to and I'm finding it hard to get pregnant.i had a miscarriage at the start of year and don't know if my condition could have contributed to that.

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Hi I'm sorry to hear you had a miscarage but at least you know you can get pregnant so the endo at least hasn't completely effected you. I had a miscarage years ago and was told they just don't know why it happens they can only guess ! I wasn't diagnosed with endo then and I just told myself something wasn't right and was amazed how many people I knew had suffered a miscarage but went on to have more children with no issues. My best friend had five and so was about to start tests as it's only after several they look into it but amazingly she fell pregnant with her second little boy! So I wouldn't worry but hope they can help with your symptoms and being pregnant is supposed to help with pains so would make sense that it got worse after your first child once your hormones were back to normal.


Hi lillyflower,thanks for replying.i know when I had the miscarriage they said it was one of those things.i think before you go through it you don't realise how common it is.i think I'm just scared because its got worse that it would effect me carrying another child.im going to hospital this month,I don't know what to mention first,my symptoms or my struggle to get pregnant.im scared of having another laparoscopy.


So sorry to hear about your miscarriage, as you say it is supprisingly common. Miscarriage and endo can sometimes go together with coeliac disease. It's an autoimmune disease where your body cannot cope with gluten. I don't know if this might apply to you, might be worth asking about.

Good luck at the hospital.


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