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Hi. I'm on prostap and on a waiting list for a lap. I've been on prostap for a year now. Before prostap I was in constant pain I didn't have a life. Now I'm on prostap my quality of life has improved. I still have some pain days is this normal? I still find it impossible to exercise as I hurt after, is this normal? I'm still trying to find low impact exercise that works. I suppose I thought prostap would magically make 100% pain free. I still need to take my morphine tablets to help. I feel a lot better with prostap, but not fully "normal". Is this normal or should I be 100% better on prostap?

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I too get incredible pain after exercise. I feel ok during but I really suffer afterwards. I think swimming will probably be the least impact. Have you tried that?

I had a lap a year ago, and have felt much worse since. I think this may be due to scar tissue forming. Due to have my second lap in a couple of week. Not looking forward to it.

Fleur xx


Swimming is a great all round low-impact exercise (although I don't trust myself to swim because I still randomly bleed out of the blue quite a bit and tampons are too painful to use) - so I do yoga. There is a wonderful series called "yogalates" you can get all the dvds as a set and they are a great combination of yoga and pilates. The lady has a slightly annoying voice but you get used to it after a while :P x


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