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Hi, am new to this and was hoping for some advice/help re fertility

I was rushed into a&e a few weeks with acute abdominal pain and after several tests/scans the doctors diagnosed endometriomas on my right ovary. I went in for an op last week to have these removed and they diagnosed stage 3 endometriosis (didn't even know I had this as have had no symptoms). The dr said my Fallopian tubes are clear and left ovary still working. She said fertility low and that I won't qualify for IVF as have a daughter. I am 31 yrs old and always wanted another baby. Has anyone been in a similar situation and have any information on this? I am still very confused by it all and getting my head round it :-(

Thank you xx

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Hi I'm sorry to hear you have been told you don't qualify for ivf, I was told the same a couple of weeks ago. However I'm having blood tests to check fertility and I have endometriosis on my ovaries and my doctor said that it shouldn't be an issue. My problem is blocked tubes which will be removed so ivf only option and I don't get funding as too old in my area, only 36. Therefore if your tubes are ok and an ovary and you've been pregnant before that all sounds positive that maybe you could be lucky naturally or they can give you drugs to increase your chances without jumping straight to ivf. It is a lot to take in and when I got diagnosis for endometriosis after op I was also told about tubes and found it all hard to deal with. I have now found I'm coping much better apart from on bad pain days, want to cut my legs off today! Anyway they're hoping removing my tubes will give me some pain relief and that's what I'm focused on for now and then we will discuss funding ivf once I'm feeling better, fingers crossed. I'm glad they've removed your endo and ask to be refered to fertility specialist to find out your options. Don't panic and take it easy while your healing from op, I found the anesthetic made me much more emotional and did need a bit of help with pills but almost 6 months after Im feeling more like me again. I hope they can help you and the other options before ivf are more affordable so worth looking into if they may help. Obviously were all different but I was told without my tubes he'd give me 40% chance with ivf which is much higher than I thought although that's if tests all come back ok so fingers crossed we both get some good news for a change x


Don't panic. I know family and friends who have concieved naturally with endometriosis. Some when young and before they were diagnosed and some who were in their late thirties and knew they had endo when trying for their first child. Remember - the endo was most probably there when you concieved your little girl. OK, so age and the complications you've had may reduce your chances - but that happens to everyone over time, so you're no different just because you have had endo diagnosed. Look into IVF by all means, but don't forget that because you've had a successful pregnancy once you have a good chance of being able to again. Relax, start to look towards the future, but in the mean time enjoy what you have and the rest may come naturally. Take care.


Thanks ladies, they're such kind words and have made me smile. Still very emotional and still recovering my op so will start researching things soon. Didn't realise diet can have such an impact on it all. Lots to learn and lots of changes to make! :-)


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